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  • Humpback Whales

    Join a team of researchers as they unlock the secrets of the humpback and find out why humpbacks are the most acrobatic of all whales, why they sing their haunting songs, and why these intelligent, 55-foot, 50-ton animals migrate up to 10,000 miles round-trip every year.

    FOR EDUCATORS: to acces...

  • National Parks Adventure

    Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation’s awe-inspiring great outdoors and untamed wilderness. Immersive IMAX® 3D cinematography takes viewers soaring over red rock canyons, hurtling up craggy m...

  • America's Musical Journey

    America’s Musical Journey celebrates the unique diversity of cultures and the creative risk-taking that characterize America, as told through the story of its music. The film follows Grammy-Award® nominated singer and songwriter Aloe Blacc as he traces Louis Armstrong’s footsteps through the colo...

  • Amazon

    For centuries, the mighty Amazon has been the obsession of explorers, scientists and anthropologists the world over. It is the mightiest river in the world, the lifeblood for whole civilizations and home to more than 5,000 different species of fish and the more than 60,000 different species of pl...

  • Coral Reef Adventure

    Coral Reef Adventure brings the beauty and mystery of the coral reef environment to the big screen with a film that both celebrates this vital ecosystem and warns of its imminent decline. The film follows the personal journey of two under-water filmmakers, Howard and Michele Hall, on a 10-month e...

  • Dolphins

    From the dazzling coral reefs of the Bahamas to the wind-swept seas of Patagonia, go under the water’s surface for a romp with inquisitive Atlantic spotted dolphins, acrobatic dusky dolphins and the familiar bottlenose dolphin. Follow marine biologists, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, Dr. Bernd Würsig an...

  • Everest

    Everest takes audiences on an inspirational and harrowing ascent of the world’s tallest mountain with a team of four international climbers who find hope, beauty, and triumph in the wake of tragedy. Audiences discover how Mt. Everest was formed, how high-altitude challenges a climber’s physical a...

  • Greece: Secrets of the Past

    Greece: Secrets of the Past transports audiences back in time to the dawn of democracy and the birthplace of Western Civilization on a quest to uncover the buried secrets of one of the world’s most enlightened societies—ancient Greece. Narrated by Nia Vardalos (star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) a...

  • Hurricane On The Bayou

    Hurricane on the Bayou carries audiences behind news headlines on a journey deep into the soul-stirring heart of Louisiana. Shot before and after the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Katrina and featuring state-of-the-art CGI special effects depicting the height of the storm’s fury, the fil...

  • Mystery of the Nile

    Mystery of the Nile documents one of the greatest expeditions in modern times—the first complete descent of the world’s greatest and deadliest river from source to sea. For 114 days, a team of explorers led by Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown face nearly insurmountable challenges as they make t...

  • The Living Sea

    The Living Sea celebrates the beauty and power of the ocean as it explores our relationship with this complex and fragile environment. Using beautiful images of unspoiled healthy waters, The Living Sea offers hope for recovery engendered by productive scientific efforts. Oceanographers studying h...

  • The Search for Life in Space

    Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the far reaches of space on a quest to find something that changes everything…signs of life, somewhere else in the universe. With cutting-edge imagery from the world’s most powerful telescopes, The Search for Life in Space takes audiences from the...

  • Top Speed

    Top Speed enters the lives of uncommonly fast individuals who take daring risks, go to new extremes and push the science of speed in the never-ending pursuit of human excellence and ultimate velocity. Appearing in the film are sprinter Marion Jones, mountain biking champ Marla Streb, rising racec...

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 1: Seeing Songs of the Sea

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 2: Migration Match

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 3: Anatomy & Adaptation

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 4: Bioaccumulation - It All Adds Up

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 5: “Whale Safe” Engineering Challenge

  • Humpback Whales Science Lesson 6: Whaling to Whale Watching

  • A STEM Lesson - Holding Sway: Wind Engineering

    How do engineers make sure the tallest building in the world doesn't collapse?

  • A STEM Lesson - Quake Takes: Earthquake Engineering

    How do engineers make sure buildings are earthquake-safe?

  • A STEM Lesson - Virtual Modeling: Engineering the Future

    How are engineers using virtual reality to construct, better, safer buildings?

  • A STEM Lesson - Quenching a Thirsty World: Water Engineering

    How do engineers get clean drinking water to cities all over the world?

  • A STEM Lesson - Who’s In The Driver’s Seat: Autonomous Vehicles

    Learn the science behind autonomous vehicles.